MSgt Gordon L. Ewell (USA, Ret.)


Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Father and daughter raising U.S. flag, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

I served in the USMC and am very happy to be able to show my patriotism with my new flag pole and flags. It means a lot to me to have these flying in my front yard as a daily reminder of all of the sacrifices the members of our military make everyday. My kids are also learning a sense of patriotic pride by helping to lower the flag at night and raise it in the morning. Thank you for making this possible!

SGT Nielson, Lincoln, Deleware

Flag and flagpole at the home of Sgt. Nielson, Lincoln, Deleware

You have no idea the sense of pride that I have ever time I come home or even walk out of my door everyday and see Old Glory flying, along with the US Army flag. My family are I are so appreciative of all you have done, not just for us, but for our fellow military veterans and their families. It is Americans like you that make the sacrifices we have made to keep our country safe, an honor.

Thanks to, my husband, Jason, and our very good friend, Greg, were able to put up this beautiful flag today. Thank you for this amazing gift. It’s a true blessing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Matt Bellina Flag Raising Video


July 2nd 2018 | by Pete Palestina, former Northampton Township Supervisor and Flag Campaign USA Program Coordinator.

Matt Bellina Flag Raising

I would like to thank everyone who came and helped with Monday night's ceremony at Matt Bellina's home. Special thanks to those who worked my cameras Frank Harshaw and Erik Lehman on video and Andrew Gannon and Marge Weiner for the photos. More thank you's to Lisa Russo, Northampton PD, Rescue and Firemen, the Supervisors, Tim O'Donnell and his counterparts for the Boy Scouts, Hailey Brown for the Anthem, Patriot Detachment Marine Corps League for the Color Guard nd flag raising detail, Stacey Mulholland, speakers Brian Fitzpatrick, Jim Worthington, Victoria Bliss, Tom Calkins and Paul Hoffecker.

It was both an honor and a privilege to coordinate the event and serve as MC. If I missed anyone I apologize for the oversight. We were happy to come out and support a great patriot...Matt Bellina.

SGT Gerard, Conestoga, Pennsylvania

Flag and flagpole at the home of Sgt Gerard, Conestoga, Pennsylvania

I am Sgt Gerard. I served in the United States Marine Corps before being medically retired. For years I have always wanted a flagpole for the front yard, to fly my nations flag
that I so proudly served, and the marine corps flag, but was unable to afford a nice one.

That’s when Paul Hoffecker came into my family’s life, thru my captain at my Wounded Warrior battalion. Paul came to my house one day and said, “Sir, would you like a flag pole with flag, and a marine corps flag?” My response…I was speechless. Seven days later, a 20-foot all American made flagpole and two flags arrived at my house in the middle of January. I was so excited to get it up, I was digging in 13 degree weather and frozen ground. To look out my door and pull in to my driveway every time, and see those colors of my nation I served so proudly, is a feeling that unless you served you will never know.

Thank you Paul for making this all possible, not only for me, but for many of my friends I served with, and friends I met at the hospital recovering from our injuries.

SSgt Noel

Flag and flagpole at the home of SSgt Noel

I am SSgt Noel, I served in the United States Marine Corps from 1997-2005. I served with 1st Force Reconnaissance Company on the invasion into Iraq in 2003. I was disabled during my tour in the Marine Corps.

Since being discharged from the Corps I have always flown the American Flag and the Marine Corps Flag from small poles on my house but have always wanted a “legit” flag pole for the front of my house. I proudly served my Country and have always dreamed of having a flag “pole” but was unable to afford a nice one.

That’s when Paul Hoffecker, through Sgt Gerard via “Team Semper Fi” offered me a 28′ all American made flag pole and two flags that were delivered to my house in middle of December.

I was blown away and was so excited to get it up. I was digging into the frozen ground that week. Now every time I come or go from my house I get a very strong sense of Pride in this great Nation and the Marine Corps, when I get to see those colors flying freely from this beautiful flag pole in front of my house. I can’t explain in words how proud this makes me and how thankful I am to have it.

Thank you Paul  for making this all possible! My hope is that others that served may have this constant reminder of Pride and Hope that I have.

SSgt Pequeno, Land O Lakes, Florida

Flag and flagpole at. the home of SSTG Pequeno, Land O Lakes, Florida

Thank you so much for my new American and flagpole. I appreciate so very much to be able to display our colors at my home.