To recognize the value of our Constitution and to acknowledge our patriotism by displaying the American Flag.

America's Future

America's Future is in partnership with Flag Campaign USA.

America's Future was established in 1946 as an educational organization dedicated to preserving our free enterprise system and our constitutional form of government.

Under the leadership of our current chairman Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, we continue that same mission today. Strengthened by faith, family, and true friendship, America's Future is a bulwark in the fight to preserve America's greatness for future generations. 

Colonial Flag

In order to insure high quality and consistent inventory we partner with Colonial Flag, a US-based manufacturer of flags and flagpoles, for the distribution of the flags and flagpoles. All flags are Made in the USA.

Flag Campaign USA History

In 2008 Paul S. Hoffecker, CEO founded the nonprofit organization Renovating Hope, which provided over 280 disabled-adapted home renovations for U.S. Veterans and Service Members. Upon completion, American Flags were placed on 20-foot flagpoles in their front yards, and Flag Raising Ceremonies were held so that everyone involved could honor them. The flags stand as lasting reminders of their service and sacrifice, and have had profoundly positive impacts on their lives.

Today Flag Campaign USA offers American Flags and flagpoles to all Americans who want to express their patriotism.